Marlene (Mimi) Presser

Marlene (left) has been building an alpaca herd for eight years, on a beautiful serene Lake Stevens ranch (Longneckers Alpaca and Fiber) and she is ready to use her skills in the art of natural fiber garment production. Her four years as President of the North Sound Alpaca Association has deepened her knowledge of fiber and animal breading and she is well known throughout the alpaca industry in the Northwest. She has hosted many events and seminars at her ranch for farmers and ranchers interested in continuing education about the fiber industry.

Karmel Ackerman

Karmel’s (center) passion is adding value to businesses with her marketing consulting services. Karmel’s expertise includes social media and classic marketing through events and trade shows. Karmel also has a penchant for championing a cause by bringing like-minded people together towards a common purpose and engaging media and the general public in the process. Her skills in drafting plans, developing systems, and moving teams forward through projects will help us build our infrastructure from the ground up.


Advisory Board

Maggie DiUlio
has farmed alpacas since 2004, developing an envy-worthy herd with spectacular fleece and genetics available nowhere else in the United States. Maggie’s dedication to the wool-crafts has made her a maven of alpaca fleece quality and a  master mentor in the alpaca and the fleece industry.

Patti Yaeger, an alpaca farmer, is also an amazing mechanical technician as a CAD designer and machinery operator. She is also a focused teacher. With her passion for production and natural fiber processing, she spent several years developing a unique technique in fiber processing. As a certified fiber sorter and grader, Patty brings deep fiber knowledge and excellent instructional skills to our team.