is a women-owned enterprise offering products that are natural, eco-friendly, sustainably grown, custom designed and hand-crafted from animal fleece and natural fibers. We are delighted to have a great group of artisans teaming up with us who use sheep, alpaca, llama, goat and angora fiber, as well as hemp, bamboo and silk to produce beautiful clothing and accessories.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Fibershed of the Greater Northwest. Our Fibershed affiliate program was initiated in 2011 by Rebecca Burgess with her one year local natural clothing challenge. Since then it has grown quickly into a worldwide network of fiber producers, fiber artists, and those working to conserve our farms and land with sustainable farming practices.

Fibershed of the Greater Northwest offers products designed and produced by local artisans who source ALL their fiber, dyes and labor from farmers located within our Fibershed.