From our experience, fiber breeders are an incredibly friendly, helpful group of people. They genuinely enjoy what they are doing, and they love the opportunity to talk about the fiber business. In addition to our national Alpaca Owners Association, there is the National Sheep Association and the National Goat Association..

There are shows and events featuring fiber animals somewhere in your region almost every month. Numerous publications such as Alpacas Magazine, and hundreds of fiber breeders on ranches and farms throughout the country are eager to provide you with any information you seek.

A few of our favorite links are listed below:

International Camelid Institute (ICI) is an education and service facility for camelid owners, breeders, veterinarians and scientists. It also serves fiber and textile persons and animal enthusiasts throughout the world, all for the purpose of advancing the well being of camelids and the camelid industry. With the guidance of an Advisory Council of veterinarians, breeders, and scientists; ICI works to develop a network of national and international leaders in research and associated camelid interests.

Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) – This is a national organization that was founded to promote the alpaca industry and to support alpaca breeders. The Alpaca Registry, Inc. registers all alpacas in the U.S. Registered alpacas are blood-typed to confirm parentage. This serves to preserve and protect the alpaca herd in the U.S., and it is a comfort to buyers of alpacas to know with certainty what they are buying. The information in the Registry’s database is available to breeders on request. Visit the Alpaca Registry’s web site to learn more about what they do.

Mid-Atlantic Alpaca Association (MAPACA) – MAPACA is a cooperative group of alpaca breeders from the Mid-Atlantic states. It is a diverse group with herd sizes ranging from two to over 200 alpacas. On MAPACA farms you will find some of the most exquisite huacayas and suris in the world in a rainbow of colors. These alpacas represent some of the most well established bloodlines in the country, many with several generations of successful, well-documented reproductive history!

North Sound Alpaca Association (NSAA) – A Snohomish County Association to promote, educate and provide resources to local alpaca ranchers, farmers, supporters and friends.

Virginia Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (VAOBA) exists to develop and promote a dynamic, growing and profitable alpaca industry in the State of Virginia and the United States. VAOBA provides training and education on alpaca management, herd health and other alpaca husbandry practices. The association also sponsors marketing and growth opportunities for the Virginia alpaca industry through shows, public relations events, youth programs and collaboration with state and local governments and civic organizations. VAOBA provides opportunities for networking and the sharing of services, equipment, supplies, facilities, knowledge and fellowship among members.

Alpaca Research Foundation (ARF) was established to encourage and support scientific research that benefits the North American alpaca industry, primarily in the areas of alpaca health and husbandry, genetics and fiber. Research projects funded through ARF are numerous, on topics such as “Using Objective Measurements to Identify Superior Characteristics of US Alpacas and Assist in Making Long-term Breeding Decisions.”

National Sheep Association

National Goat Association

National Angora Rabbit Breeders Association